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Parking at Canberra Airport

There are covered carparks and an open-air carparks at Canberra Airport, all of which provide long and short term parking. They close for entry and exit 30 minutes after the last flight arrives, and re-open at 5am every morning. The two multi-level covered carparks can be found directly opposite each wing of the terminal, with the open air carparks behind them. The covered parks are colour-coded blue and green, and the two open ones are marked in yellow and red. 
Parking fees in the covered parks start at $2 for 20 mins and rise to $7.40 for 3 hours and $25 for a day, with discounts on the daily price after four days. In the open carparks, parking starts at $1.50 for 20 mins, and goes up to $6 for 3 hours and $19 for a day. After 3 days, any additional time is $10 per day.
The easiest way to pay for all of the carparks is by inserting your credit card at the entry boom-gate instead of taking a ticket, and then inserting the same card when exiting. It is also possible to take a ticket and use the pay machines before exiting.
Note: Baggage trolleys can be found at Departures, kerbside and in the Arrivals Hall. The fee to use one is $2.

Updated October 2013 by Chris Houston. Information is subject to change at any time.
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